Danzinger Vineyards
White Wines
Our wines are available for purchase directly in the Tasting Room or Click here to buy online.
Cresent Moon, dry white  citrusy flavor with a hint of oak. Made with La Crescent grapes. Pairs well with fish or chicken dishes.
Danzinger White, dry white made with Brianna grapes. Smooth, easy sipping with a white grape flavor. Pairs well with turkey or ham.
Frontenac Blanc, dry white lightly oaked with a mild citrus. Made from Frontenac grapes. Pairs well with shellfish and goat cheese.
Waumandee White, semi-dry white crisp with a lemon finish. Made with La Crescent grapes. Pairs well with scallops or spicy foods.
Golden Sunrise, semi-sweet white with very robust flavors of peach, apricot and orange zest. Made with Frontenac Gris grapes. Pairs well with pasta and roasted vegetables.
Bluff Top Breeze, semi-sweet white with a light fruit flavor. Made with Brianna grapes. Pairs well with poultry or crème brûlée.
Mississippi Mist, sweet white made with La Crescent grapes. Similar to a Riesling. Pairs well with salty cheeses or desserts.
White Velvet, sweet white starts with a grapefruit flavor and has a vanilla finish. Made with Frontenac Gris grapes. Pairs well with lobster or crisp salads.
River Paradise, sweet white made with Brianna grapes. Similar to a Moscato. Pairs well with pork or prosciutto.
Late Harvest, sweet white sweetened with natural sugars. Made with St. Pepin grapes. Pairs well with Bleu cheese or apple pie.