Danzinger Vineyards

Red Wines

Our wines are available for purchase directly in the Tasting Room or online.
Danzinger Red, dry red made with the Frontenac grape. Lightly oaked pairs well with steak.
Sunset Ridge, semi-sweet red made with Frontenac Grapes. Try this wine with your favorite pizza!
St. Croix, dry red made with our St. Croix grapes.  This wine is earthy and oaky.  Pairs well with a dirty rice or a nice mushroom dish.
Sweet Alma Red, sweet red made with Frontenac grapes.  For our sweet red wine lovers this is the perfect wine for you!
Marquette, dry red made with the Marquette grapes. Pair this wine with a great venison steak.
November Dawn, sweet red made with our King of the North Grapes.  Easy sipping and fun to share with friends.
Twilight Delight, semi-sweet red blend. Enjoy this wine with a nice red pasta dish or anytime you have a gathering.
Rosevalley Rosé, semi-sweet rosé with our Frontenac Gris grape. Summer in a bottle!  Enjoy this wine with friends out on the patio on a hot day!  It is nice and refreshing!
Sweet Ruby, a sweet red wine made from the Marquette grape. It has a smokey, oakey taste with a black pepper finish. Pairs well with red meat.